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CPD Accredited
CPD Accredited
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National Child Car Seat Safety Training Programme

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Course Details

There are three courses to choose from in the training programme, based on your current level of knowledge and responsibility.

CourseDeliverySuitable forAccreditationCost
Advanced Child Car Seat Safety Training2-days
9am – 5pm
Refreshments and lunch
State of the art training centre
Safety Advisors
- Retail
- Road Safety
- Police
- Fire & Rescue
- Industry
CPD Accredited
and GES Approved
£595 + vat per trainee
Scheduled Course

Accommodates up to 16 attendees
Entry Level - An Introduction to Child Car Seat SafetyHalf-day Workshop
3 to 4 hours flexible to staff schedule
Based at staff location
- Social Workers
- Health Visitors
- Midwives
- Passenger Travel
CPD certification£185 + vat per trainee
Based on a minimum of 12 attendees

Course details

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After several years of extensive collaboration with industry experts in vehicle / child seat manufacture, road safety and retail, the innovative new S.A.F.E Training Programme includes the following:

  • Why this is so important
    • CRS timelines – current UN regulations R44/R129
  • Stages
    • Child development stages and their increased vulnerability as road users
    • Child life stage (eg, height, weight, age)
    • Child seat stage (eg, baby, toddler, child)
  • Attachment / installation
    • Child seat into car
    • Child into seat
    • Installation – vital tips
  • Features: special child seat features
  • Extra: additional references
    • Dynamic crash testing R44 / R129 / ADAC / Swedish Plus Test
    • The key safety benefits of extended rear facing – dispelling the myths – NEW Virtual Reality
    • Advising parents and carers – common questions and answers
    • Proven strategy on how to handle common objections
    • Asking the right questions when recommending a child seat
    • High backed boosters v booster cushions
    • The dangers of second hand seats
    • Child seat accessories – which are safe?
  • Useful references
    • GB law & Group stages
    • Child height and weight averages
    • Regulation labels – how to understand them
    • Jargon buster
  • Formal accredited assessments in theory and practical with full evaluation report for each attendee.

Feedback from our trainees:

Feedback on the virtual reality:

From a road safety perspective...
From a retailer perspective...
From a manufacturer perspective...

Each Workshop will consist of ‘absolute must know’ factual information alongside practical sessions which will be delivered by our experts.

Participants will learn how to fit different groups/makes of child seats, how to avoid common errors and how to fix them. Engaging and fun group activities are included.

This training is an extension of the successful training programme pilot provided for Health Practitioners, and can include additional hands-on practical training for staff to practice fitting their child seats into vehicle / bus.

The specific child seats used within your department can be used within this workshop training, so staff can feel confident and competent with the correct selection and fitting of the seats they use.

This workshop includes...

  • Why the correct child seat is so important
  • How to choose a child seat and the information required to ensure it will safely fit both child and vehicle/s
  • The law and differences in legislation
  • An understanding of belted, ISOFIX and I-size options
  • Different seat options across group stages
  • Highlighting the benefits of extended rear facing using virtual reality
  • Practical fitting using specific child seats provided by your department
  • Identification of common errors and how to fix them
Kathryn, Clinical Team Lead
Maggie, Health Visitor
Neil, Passenger Transport Team

2-day Advanced Training

Half-day Entry Level Workshop

Child Car Seat Safety