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National Child Car Seat Safety Training Programme

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Why Get Trained

We have seen significant scientific and technological advances in child restraint systems (CRS) and vehicles over the last forty years; yet road traffic collisions remain one of the leading causes of child injury and fatalities.

According to casualty data from the Department for Transport between 2010-2019, over 2,500 children under the age of 12, were killed or seriously injured when travelling in vehicles in Great Britain.

Despite the best efforts of practitioners in this field, including the introduction of better, safer regulations (UN R129), tight focus by Euro NCAP in improving vehicle safety and an ever-increasing investment in retailer training; we are still seeing far too many child casualties.

Our team have checked and made safe more than 40,000 child seats and we still find around two thirds of these seats incorrectly fitted to the child, the car, or both.

The lack of public understanding about how to select and fit suitable seats for individual children and any vehicle they are travelling in remains an ongoing issue as does the lack of effective training for many who sell child seats – as evidenced by our undercover survey commissioned by leading consumer champion, Which?

In this training programme we have aimed to keep it as simple as possible.

Child car seats are specifically designed to provide vital support and protection for infants and children when travelling on our roads. They are one of the most important purchases a parent or carer will ever buy.

Many parents and carers believe that child seats are ‘all the same’ and that as long as they are approved for use and meet the minimum standard, then it comes down to personal choice and price. That is not the case and there are significant differences in both quality and safety.

Our independent Agilysis survey among parents and carers, found that many were not able to make an informed choice because they had not been given all the information they needed at the point of purchase.

In this new training programme, you will have access to all the latest research and information, short films, VR and ongoing support from our Good Egg experts, to help us improve child safety in cars. 

We hope you can join us.

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